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Carole's Journal

3 February 1976
I'm tall and wide, with long blonde hair.
Currently I work as a senior logistics analyst for a large transport company.

After 2 miscarriages in 2008, I got pregnant again at the beginning of 2009. On 2nd October our little girl, Caitlin Elizabeth, was born. Sadly Katie had complex HLHS, an extremely serious congenital heart defect, which was detected at our 20 week scan. Despite everyone's best efforts and 2 attempts at surgery, it proved inoperable and she died in our arms on 4th October after just 30 hours & 1 minute with us.

Always loved, she will never be forgotten.

3rd miscarriage March 2010 discovered at 8 weeks, baby died at 6 weeks. We will now get some tests done for recurrent miscarriages to see if there is anything that might help. Battered but not broken, we will keep going.