carolejo (carolejo) wrote,

12 weeks tomorrow & all is well!

Just had my NT scan / Combi test.

All looks fab, low risk for everything, all body parts present & accounted for, 4 chamber heart view already clearly seen, 2 kidneys clearly seen, can already make out 3 strands in umbilicus (with about 95% certainty), brain, stomach, nose bone, 2 hands & 2 feet with 5 digits each. In short, everything attached in the right places & working just fine.

Wonderfully active & absurdly co-operative baby, who just slotted him/her self into the right position for every measurement we wanted to take.


Our wonderful sonographer, Ellie, with 18 years experiece to count on, also took a look to apply 'nub theory' and made a predicition '60% chance this is a girl'.Smile

She'll be following up with our midwives later to see if she's right.Wink

Can't stop grinning.


love C. xxx

Tags: number8, pregnant

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