carolejo (carolejo) wrote,

baby number 7 - all good so far.

Just got back from my 12 week scan (today at 13 weeks) and got my combi-test results.

risk factor very low, 1 in 2808 for Downs, 1 in 7195 for Trisomy 18 and 1 in 22474 for Trisomy 13.

Placenta low, posterior but clearly not over the cervix, normal levels of fluid, 4-chamber heart view seen, all structural elements of baby looking normal.

All good!

Sonographer guesses at boy, with 50% accuracy... Grin Steve is still convinced it's a girl though. It feels good to be able to waste our energies on such trivialities.

So, much relief all round here. It's time to get in touch with Leiden & book myself in for my detailed 20 week echo & heart scan. Eeek! It's definitely a baby!!!

love C. xxx
Tags: pregnant, seven

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