carolejo (carolejo) wrote,

Somebody ate the last 10 months...

I only just realised how long its been since I last updated here. Too much to fill in for now, so yeah, stuff happened. A lot of stuff. Mostly OK, some not-so-OK, some good.

Tomorrow would have been Katie's 4th birthday. According to the way things are done here in Dutchlandshire, her first day at school would have been the day after that - this thursday... Tomorrow will be extra strange too, because for various reasons both kids will be at nursery whilst I have a day off. Given Josh seems to be going down the same route as Daniel with multiple ear infections & therefore has pretty much stopped sleeping for the last 3 weeks, I plan to spend most of the day asleep. I also have to go the opticians. My glasses are now 4 years old & falling apart.

So weird to think that, had things gone a little differently, I would now be the mother of a schoolgirl.

After nearly a year of nothing interesting at all to do I finally had a big exciting project to occupy by time at work - right up until it got cancelled yesterday.

Feeling pretty flat, it must be said, and quite a bit sorry for myself today.

love C. xxx
Tags: caitlin, joshua, work

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